“I never really gave myself a chance. Here, it’s given me the opportunity to express myself, and realize that there is more life has to offer for me…. Before, I blamed everyone else for my problems, now (after being at Ryandale for 1 year), I see where that led me…. I’ve gotten my family back in my life now, and this place has given me the chance to realize that.”

~ Resident at Ryandale, 2020. Before arriving at Ryandale, this individual had spent 40 years going in and out of prison. After he found refuge at Ryandale, he was able to reframe the way he thinks about his life and reconnect with family members. He has since found permanent housing.

“This has given me a place to get back on my feet, and hopefully go back to school.… I can do better, and this place has made me realize that is possible.”

~ Resident at Ryandale, 2021. This individual lost his job during the COVID lockdown and was unable to find another with his skills limited to the food industry. With a troubled childhood and no connections in Kingston, he lost his apartment when the landlord decided to sell the property. He took to the streets, ending up at a shelter in downtown Kingston. Coming to Ryandale gave him the chance to get back on his feet with a safe place to live.

“I lived in a house with alcoholics and drug addicts for a few years before I came here…. Other than the shelter, which is run down with booze and drugs, what else is there? There’s the street.”

~ Resident at Ryandale, 2020. This individual struggled with PTSD for several years and was unable to work, which led to him staying in a homeless shelter in Kingston. He was referred to Ryandale and learned to manage his PTSD. He has since found permanent housing.

“My brother threw me out to the wolves, and I’ve had three strokes…. It’s a terrible life to live, with nowhere to go. Fairytales aren’t suppose to end like that.”

~ Resident at Ryandale, 2020. After working as an executive chef his whole life, he was worried about returning to the same job after having three strokes. Ryandale helped him come to terms with his capacity and gave him the confidence he needed to move on. He has since found permanent housing.

“Henry Ford once said, experience is the supreme value of life. If my experiences and what I have gone through can provide a perspective or guidance for others, then that is a good thing, and that is why I do what I do.”

~ Dave McQueen, Ryandale House Manager