Our Team

Bob Crawford

Bob Crawford spent 42 years as a Queen’s University professor and administrator. He joined Ryandale when he became more aware of the issues of poverty and homelessness in Kingston, and was invited to attend a board meeting and to visit the Transition House.

His hope for Ryandale is that it will grow and enable more individuals to move from homelessness to independent living.

Dave McQueen

Shortly after graduating from St. Lawrence College in 2006, Kingston Campus, Dave started working with Ryandale. He now manages one of Ryandale’s transition houses.

“Ryandale is a place of hope and optimism. If you have neither upon arrival, may you leave with both”.

Jane Bailey

Jane joined Ryandale in 2019 after spending two years as the operations manager at St. George’s Cathedral and seeing the need for better access to support services in Kingston. As Ryandale’s Operations Administrator, she hopes to help Ryandale achieve its mission of providing safe housing and access to services for the largest number of people possible.

Daria Adèle Juüdi-Hope

Daria Adèle Juüdi-Hope is a Registered Nurse, Educator, and Social Justice Advocate. She is an avid advocate for better public health policies to recognize and combat health inequities. Daria lived at Ryandale when she first moved to Kingston with her family. She serves on the board as a way to give back to the community

Shelley Thompkins

Shelley Thompkins is a Portfolio Assistant with BMO Wealth Management. She joined Ryandale shortly after returning to Kingston after having lived in other cities for a number of years. She has always had a strong desire to give back to her community, with a strong focus on helping those who are less fortunate.

John Lyons

John retired from a uniform policing and criminal investigations career in 1995. He has lived in Kingston since 2000. John’s career exposed him to the worst in people, but also to the very best in people. He is a strong advocate for problem-oriented policing and for neighbourhood capacity-building. He is a colleague of the founders of SafeGrowth: a strategy that has proved successful in reducing crime in some of the most troubled neighbourhoods in the United States. He believes in the work Ryandale is doing, and is thankful for this opportunity to contribute.


Meghan Leuprecht

Meghan (she/her) is a Social Worker, primarily working in community mental health. She believes strongly in Ryandale’s approach of partnering with clients to ensure safe, secure and wellness focussed housing support. Meghan is honoured to bring her knowledge of trauma-informed mental health approaches and compassion for others to the Ryandale Board

Paul Smith

Paul is an experienced career and workforce development leader, currently working with Loyalist College. He knows people deserve to live with dignity and respect, and that includes access to secure housing. In his work in post-secondary education he has seen people challenged to find secure housing as they work to build rewarding lives and careers, and he has worked to help them overcome those challenges. He brings that experience to his work with Ryandale. 

Friends of Ryandale

  • Scott Woodall – advisor