House Manager, Victoria Street

Dave completed his post-secondary education at St. Lawrence College, Kingston graduating from the Applied Arts and Science Program and Social Service Program (with Distinction) in 2006. Shortly after graduation he started working with Ryandale. He has since managed Ryandale’s first Transitional House for ten years. Dave has a deep passion for helping individuals rebuild their lives. He finds it extremely rewarding to support people during a critical period of transition and witness them achieve stability and independence. “Ryandale is a place of hope and optimism. If you have neither upon arrival, may you leave with both”

House Manager, Clergy Street

Shane started working at Ryandale in June 2023. Starting as a Housing Support Worker and then taking the role as a House Manager. Shane started his career working  at a Community Residential Facility. Where he helped individuals chisel a path to a better way of living. That carries to the work Shane does at Ryandale. Helping individuals find stability, self worth and purpose all while pushing them towards independent living. Shane is a graduate of the Community and Justice Services program at St Lawrence College. In his spare time he enjoys hiking trips, road trips and music.

House Manager, Fieldstone Drive

In September 2023, Jessica joined Ryandale and currently holds the position of Transitional House Manager. Jessica went to Queen’s University, where she studied Sociology and received her bachelor’s degree in 2021. Working for legal aid and then moving into harm reduction, ignited her desire to be apart of the fight towards adequate housing for all. Being apart of the Ryandale team allows Jessica to answer to the call for help from people in her community through a client-driven approach. Jessica is passionate about heart-led work, rehabilitation services and helping guide clients through their own personal growth.

Support Worker / Office Administrator

In January 2024, Halima joined Ryandale Transitional Housing. She currently holds the titles of a Support worker and Administrator. Halima has completed her post-secondary education at St. Lawrence College through the Community and Justice Services Program, where she has completed student placements at a local Youth Facility and a Federal Institution. Employment at Ryandale has allowed Halima to assist individuals seeking support through the KFL&A area during occupants’ rehabilitation process through a holistic lens. Inspired by Ryandale’s mission to break systemic barriers of socioeconomic challenges, she is determined to make a difference in her community. Her goal is to create ripple effects that lead to a more inclusive and supportive society, one step at a time.

Support Worker

Jaimelee joined Ryandale Transitional Housing in September 2023 and she currently holds the position of part-time Support Worker. Jaimelee is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program offered by St. Lawrence College. In her program, she completed multiple placements at a local school, federal institutions, and an art school for adults with IDDs.  Since joining Ryandale, Jaimelee has had the opportunity to work closely with occupants to help provide the support needed to achieve their goals. She is also in the process of developing a mindfulness skills workshop series that she will be offering to occupants when it is complete. In her day-to-day life, she has taken all of what she has learned about homelessness, addiction, community services, and more to educate others who have limited or no experience with the homeless population as she believes it is important to bring down barriers and reduce stigma that are deeply embedded in society.

Support Worker

Kaycie joined the Ryandale team while attending St. Lawrence College, where she graduated from the Community and Justice Services program as their Valedictorian for 2023. She brought forth her unique experiences and perspectives from various positions within the community that focused on social determinants of health, vulnerable and at-risk populations, harm reduction, and homelessness. Kaycie’s commitment to the community, familiarity with vital resources, and knowledge of legislation and benefits have greatly supported the progress of our occupants at Ryandale. Her role is to support occupants and staff through day-to-day operations. She also volunteers in the fundraising and media departments. Kaycie is currently obtaining her bachelor’s degree in justice studies and has future aspirations in law; however, she plans to hold Ryandale close to her heart. “Since my first day with Ryandale, I knew I found something special here, I found an agency that prioritizes accessibility, equity versus equality, diversity, and inclusion while fostering a holistic approach; I value that our occupants are provided with individualized care plans tailored to their unique circumstance’s, rather than a cookie-cutter model.” 

Tim Barber – Director / ChairJeff Thompson – Director / Vice Chair
Paul Smtih – Director / Secretary Renee Tulk – Director / Treasurer
Ami Garg – Director Daria Juudi-Hope – Director
Meghan Leuprecht – Director John Lyons – Director
Theresa Mitchell – Director Saeid Tahamtan – Director
Danial Vagharfard – DirectorBob Crawford – Associate / Former Director
Shelley Thompkins – Associate / Former Director Scott Woodall – Associate / Former Director