Transitional housing has always been considered by Ryandale to be an important and necessary ingredient in the City of Kingston. Ryandale’s Transition House is a supportive housing initiative that focuses on long-term, sustainable solutions to homelessness. This program offers highly affordable accommodation for up to six months (renewable for up to one year) for seven individuals who have demonstrated the desire and ability to achieve independent living. The Transition House provides residents with life-skills training to inspire permanent housing, life-management, and positive community involvement in the near future. The Board and Staff continue to work to improve and enhance programming provided to the residents as things change around us. This initiative continues to be supported by the United Way.

[Note that, for twenty-five years, Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless operated a 15 bed Overflow Emergency Shelter,  supported by funding from the City of Kingston, as well as by the United Way and through other fund raising measures.   However, pursuant to the City of Kingston’s 10-year Municipal Housing and Homelessness Plan, Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless as closed in May 2017.]

The Board believes that every person in the community has a right to live with dignity and respect and that it is the responsibility of all community sectors, both public and private, to work together to ensure that the most vulnerable citizens, the poor and the marginalized, are served to this extent.  Thus, the Board continues to operate the Transition House.

The Board’s primary focus is to meet the basic needs of shelter, food, safety, and hygiene. The Board strives to cooperate with the City of Kingston and local shelters to maximize the resources available to homeless persons, thereby ensuring all persons in need of shelter are accommodated.  Currently in its operations of a transition house, the Board shares information about community resources to help residents establish a more stable and secure life for themselves. The Board is committed to maintaining a leadership role within the community to address current issues surrounding homelessness in a proactive, results-oriented manner.