Our Team

Bob Crawford

Bob Crawford is retired after 42 years as a Queen’s University professor and administrator. He joined Ryandale when he became more aware of the issues of poverty and homelessness in Kingston, and was invited to attend a board meeting and to visit the Transition House.

His hope for Ryandale is that it will grow and enable more individuals to move from homelessness to independent living.

Alison Naimool

Alison moved to Kingston in 2018 from the GTA, giving up corporate life. With a deep desire to give back, she joined Ryandale to make a difference in Kingston community, but more importantly to the lives of those seeking a second chance.

“My biggest hope for Ryandale is that we live our values, and pursue our Mission with passion, as we work with other community partners to solve the homelessness crisis in Kingston.”

Dave McQueen

Shortly after graduating from St. Lawrence College in 2006, Kingston Campus, Dave started working with Ryandale. He currently manages Ryandale’s Transition House.

“Ryandale is a place of hope and optimism. If you have neither upon arrival, may you leave with both”.

Jane Bailey

Jane joined Ryandale in 2019 after spending two years as the operations manager of St. George’s Cathedral, and seeing first-hand the need for greater access to support services for Kingston’s vulnerable population. She is a communications professional with a background in promotions, public speaking and community engagement, and hopes to use these to help Ryandale achieve its mission of ensuring safe accommodation and access to essential support services for the largest number of people possible.

Kaylyn Bell

Kaylyn Bell is a fourth year University Student at Queen’s University. She joined Ryandale Transitional Housing in April 2020 after learning in her classes as well as when volunteering within the community about the mental, physical and emotional impacts of poverty and homelessness on individuals and their families. She desires to improve the housing situation in Kingston through her role as a board member at Ryandale, specifically how Ryandale can support clients long-term and address the evolving needs within the community.
She hopes to every individual who visits Ryandale will feel welcomed, accepted, respected and have a sense of community while transitioning to independent living.

Katie Osborne

Katie Osborne is a Logistics Officer, currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.  After year’s of watching the impact of family members and close friends struggling with mental health, addiction and homelessness, she decided she wanted to make a change.  After searching the local area for opportunities, she stumbled upon a call for volunteers to serve as Board Member for Ryandale.
Her hope is to help as many people as possible, to get back on their feet and become happy, productive and contributing members of society. 

Shelley Thompkins

Shelley Thompkins is a Portfolio Assistant with BMO Wealth Management. She joined Ryandale shortly after returning to Kingston after having lived in other cities for a number of years. She has always had a strong desire to give back to her community with a strong focus on helping those who are less fortunate.

Friends of Ryandale

  • Scott Woodall – advisor
  • Gary Hogarth – webmaster