Our Values

  • Dignity & Respect: Serving clients without judgement, especially with respect to any past history of addiction, incarceration, or mental illness. (Clients, however, must meet standards for addictions and level of risk to the community.)
  • Inclusivity & Acceptance: With respect to gender status, racial or family/ cultural background, or factors like poverty driving marginalization and homelessness.
  • A Transitional Role: by working with other agencies and partners to support client self-sufficiency and transform lives.

Our Mission

To ensure safe accommodation and support access to essential support services for people in KFL&A struggling with the economic, social and often emotional challenges of being without permanent housing. Beyond the provision of a safe and comfortable place to stay, Ryandale works to build greater social inclusion and a renewed sense of hope in our residents.
Ryandale Transitional Housing aims to bridge the gap of shelter-dependency to sustainable, independent living. For individuals looking to start their life in their own home, we offer: 
  • Affordable & safe accommodation for up to 1 year
  • Life-skills coaching
  • Positive community involvement
  • Assistance reaching healthcare services
  • A safe place for trauma recovery
  • Hope, perseverance, and a realistic view of the road ahead