How many clients can Ryandale take at a time?

There are currently eight private rooms at the Victoria Street location. In the future, Ryandale hopes to open a second location to expand. 


What do you define as a Transition?

The transition referred to in this definition is that in which an individual moves from homelessness to independent living. The transition period involves the time spent at Ryandale after coming from a shelter, correctional facility, or rehabilitation centre, before moving into their own home.


What is Transitional Housing?

Clients spend up to one year learning life skills, healing from trauma and/or addiction, securing employment and overcoming the obstacles that led them to become homeless. Ryandale provides programming and a safe living space that improves the chances for homeless individuals to find housing and remain housed, while reducing the risk of relapse.


How can I apply for a space at Ryandale?

While most clients come to Ryandale by referral, you are welcome to inquire either by phone (613-548-8466), or by email ( 


Who can apply for a space at Ryandale?

Ryandale currently serves male-identifying individuals leaving rehabilitation or correctional services; however, we hope to expand our facilities to serve a broader clientele in the future.

Where can I find other resources for homelessness in Kingston?

Other services for the Homeless, including shelters can be found on the City of Kingston’s website.

The Homeless Hub is a great resource for finding information, statistics and stories of Homelessness in Canada.

For more information on Kingston’s municipal Housing Strategy and how the city aims to tackle the housing shortage, updated initiatives are found here.

For more information on Kingston’s Housing Crisis in particular, see the report on Housing & Homelessness in the KFLA Region.