The Ryandale Mission:

To ensure safe accommodation and access to essential support services for people struggling with the economic, social and often emotional challenges of being without permanent housing.

Beyond the provision of a safe and comfortable place to stay, Ryandale works to build greater social inclusion and a renewed sense of hope in our residents.

Guiding Values & Goals:

Ryandale  recognizes that it alone cannot solve the housing and homelessness crisis in Kingston. By working with community partners such as the United Way, Ryandale seeks to create a local reality in which the basic needs and rights of every person are met.

Shelter, food, safety, and human dignity are our primary concerns, along with providing information about community resources that can help residents establish more stable and secure lives for themselves.

We believe that a socially inclusive and vibrant community embraces the challenges of homelessness head on, offering compassion and shelter as a foundation for people to begin addressing their other needs, such as long-term housing, employment, education and counseling.