Great Volunteer Opportunity


Ryandale Transitional Housing is seeking people to join the Board of Directors. This is a hands on board that is directly involved with facilitating the management of a transitional house for those that are chronically homeless.

Ryandale is a Kingston based non-profit charitable organization that has been providing shelter and lessening the effects of poverty for those that are under housed or homeless for more than 25 years. Ryandale is currently exploring new ways of serving the needs of those that are making the transition from homelessness to a more sustainable lifestyle. Ryandale is looking for people that have an interest in developing and expanding Ryandale’s future.

The time commitment is 4-6 hours per month including meetings and committee work.

If interested in working to lessen the effects of poverty within the Kingston community, please email with your contact information and any experience you may have with non-profit agencies.

About Us

Ryandale is a registered not-for-profit and charitable organization in Kingston that has been supporting the local homeless population for more than 25 years. While starting with Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless, we added a Transitional House in 2010. With the closure of the Shelter in the spring of 2017 we continue to focus on, and hopefully, expand the Transitional House operation. (click here for more details on the Shelter Closure)

Being homeless is not simply a binary choice – having a home or not. There are many sides to homelessness: from being totally unsheltered (as we often see on our streets) to those who are “at risk” of being homeless due to a variety of factors.¹

The COH defines transitional (or interim housing) as: a systems-supported form of housing that is meant to bridge the gap between unsheltered homelessness or emergency accommodation and permanent housing. In some cases referred to as ‘transitional housing’, this form of accommodation typically provides services beyond basic needs, offers residents more privacy, and places greater emphasis on participation and social engagement. Interim housing targets those who would benefit from structure, support and skill-building prior to moving to long term housing stability, with the ultimate goal of preventing a return to homelessness. In the case of second-stage housing for those impacted by family violence, the key characteristics of this housing are the safety and security it provides, trauma recovery supports, along with the ultimate goal of preventing re-victimization. Interim housing has time limitations on residency, but generally allows for a longer stay (in some cases up to three years) compared to emergency shelters.

The Ryandale Transitional House focuses on long-term, sustainable solutions to homelessness. This program offers highly affordable accommodation for up to one year for seven individuals who have demonstrated the desire and ability to achieve independent living. The Transition House provides residents with life-skills training to inspire permanent housing, life-management, and positive community involvement in the near future.

We also rely on the generosity of our local community for support. As you browse our website Please consider making a donation You may always send a cheque to us, payable to Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless (our registered charity name) to 669 Victoria St., Kingston, ON, K7K 4S6 or perhaps the easiest way is to connect directly to our account at canada helpsour fundraising partner. In either case you will receive our gratitude and, of course, a tax receipt. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please sign up for our newsletter or just drop us a note here.


1.Canadian Observatory on Homeless, Canadian Definitions of Homelessness. Click Here to see the full document..